Think well, be better.
Organise your thoughts to transform
your productivity, health and happiness

Modern life is hard.
Get things done today, try to unwind tonight, do it all again tomorrow.
Our always-on world can be overwhelming.

Every day, more of us feel forced to choose between our productivity and wellbeing.

But what if the problem was all in our heads?
modo helps you help yourself.
A collection of powerful thinking practices, packaged in an app that makes them easy to apply in the flow of everyday life.
Capture moments,
quickly and vividly
Focus your energy,
here and now
Cut away the non-essential,
revealing clarity and harmony
Foster belonging,
curiosity and growth
Join the dots to link
purpose and progress
Reflect wholeheartedly,
unlocking meaning
Relate with kindness
to people and places
Move with ease between
thought and action
Enrich perceptions
with new perspectives
It works because it's simple.
An intuitive interface, gesture-based actions, and context-sensitive coaching prompts together make it easy to capture, explore and resolve everything on your mind.
1. Get started quickly
Nothing to setup,
simple to use
2. Go with the flow
Useful every day,
never in the way
3. See the results
Designed by experts,
guided by evidence
It works because it's based on science.
Your brain accounts for 2% of your body mass, but 20% of the energy you use each day

— National Academy of Sciences
Lithuanian Psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik observed in 1927 that we naturally devote more energy to unfinished business, or "open loops".

One or two open loops can be motivating, but too many will overwhelm us, leaving us tired, restless, frustrated, anxious, or even depressed.

The way we manage all the loops in our life therefore has a direct impact on both our productivity and wellbeing. Luckily, modo is here to help.
We believe thinking well is the most powerful force for good in the world.
The modo team met while helping to develop Culture Amp.

We used psychology, behavioural science and user experience techniques to improve the employee experience at over 4,000 organisations globally.

We're excited to explore how technology built on similar principles can help people everywhere to improve their own experience of life.

...but between us, this isn't just about productivity and wellbeing for individuals. When we think well, it's also easier to be authentic, curious, and kind.

These traits make life better for everybody.
Let's spark the potential in how the world thinks.
We'll notify you when we launch. We'd never disclose your personal data.
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